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Slide Watch films that explore how grief is seen in society and opportunities for looking afresh Watch films that explore the unequal losses experienced by Black communities and imagine abundant futures Watch films that explore how grief can unlock creativity for pressing social problems ‘what are the imaginations for a better future in these films that I want to act on?’ As you watch the films, we invite you to reflect on these questions: ‘how does this touch my own experiences of loss and creativity?’ the films These films have been made by the first cohort of members of The Dark is Bright. The films combine a personal exploration of loss and an invitation for us to join the filmmakers in imagining the future. Each of the filmmakers took a different creative approach to this challenge. The filmmakers worked in three groups which each had a different overall focus. Navigate to the group you would like to see, or keep scrolling to see all the films.

Slide Films exploring how grief is seen in society & opportunities for looking afresh Would we want to take away feelings of grief if it meant sacrificing all of our feelings with it? Report by an eminent scientist involved in the development of grief supressant, Delexalone. We follow subject 57 to understand the impact of such a powerful drug. Case Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Delexalone by Anne & Mark "With my colleagues at the Oxford Science Centre we have isolated the grief centre within the brain after 10 years of research. Phase 2 trials now look to give the drug to people who are struggling with a loss in their lives." This film takes us through the 5 steps for grief on Planet Womxn. Step 1 is burning the rule book for how womxn are supposed to deal with loss. Planet Womxn by Hollie & Zoe "After years of oppression, womxn have had enough. Fed up with society’s expectations of womxnhood, a civil uprising occurs on earth and a new civilisation is born." How could our world become a better place for womxn to grieve? When is comes to loss, what does forgetting really mean? Stuck in memories, wanting freedom but terrified of the thought of you ‘forever gone’. This film is a personal exploration of the painful dilemmas of grief. Grief Pill by Daria & Cal "I’ve lost you. I’ve decided that the best way to handle that is to forget you. I need to take the pain away. Sometimes images of you flash into my mind and I lose the floor beneath my feet."

Slide Films that explore the unequal losses experienced by Black communities and imagine abundant futures How can we remember to learn, grow, share our voice and make a difference through all that life throws at us? A passionate call to make the most of life’s fiery journey while we can. This film is full of encouragement to bring our talents into the world and share them with those we love. Black Pearl By Cassie Kyan
& voiceover by Nicola Bryan
"I am a pearl just like you. Did you know that the most valuable of these are of the darker variety? A true black Tahitian pearl is extremely rare and largely considered one of the most beautiful pearls in the world. That is you and I."
A devotional love letter from Rashida to her mother and to motherhood and to love itself. ‘My heart beats to the rhythm of love.’ Memorial Maminka by Rashida "Maminka, the Goddess of Goddesses. Every life on this planet does have a mother. None of us would exist without her. She is the creator who carried another soul within her womb. That is pure love. " How can we live in love and deeply celebrate those who are special in our lives? What is the journey that brought you here today? Which ancestors helped you get here? The Journey by Natalie The Journey draws on Natalie's experiences and powerful memories of her grandmother. Natalie performed the piece live to this video she created to illustrate the story.

Slide Films exploring how grief can unlock creativity for pressing social problems How can we change the narrative we hold on getting old and what would it release for us if we did? An old tree talks to its human friends, sharing a perspective with a longer view of things and challenging the contemporary culture around ageing. Tree Talk by Heloise, Ben & Tiur "I am an oldey tree me. I’ve had some 200 years of growings and some 200 years of livings, I feel my 200 years of dyings coming along. I am a special tree me. You know I have the power to listen to your thinkings..." What do we all lock away and punish? What would it be like to give those things space to grow and change? A prisoner held on an alien planet is released. What lies ahead? Exploring themes around self-compassion, forgiveness and the space everyone of us needs to grow. The Box by Claudia & Jake "How can I trust that you’ve changed? The words you wrote follow me like my shadow. The echo in the footsteps of the guards. They stare back at me when I’m shaving in the broken mirror." A multimedia invitation to bring play and creativity into your life in all its forms alongside a sensitive appreciation of the inevitable losses of life. Playground Possibilities by Lesley & Agi "Playground, not long enough spent with you. Stolen from your power to create. Now too late we realise that’s where we needed to stay, to play, to imagine and create a whole better world where love can love love and ignite our passion for life." What would it take to give yourself permission to play, despite the seriousness of life’s losses? How can we use our creativity to make meaning of loss and bring peace? When Kiki sees a vision of her late father, she and her family must use their creativity to bring peace to the situation. SAMPAN by Tiur "My name is Kiki. I live in a foreign country with my darling Bobo, far from my family. This story is about my dream of my late father."